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Joh Thomas Barber Beaumont c1810

Height: 7.00cm

Item Ref. 5674


John Wright c1795

Height: 7.50cm

Item Ref. CK


English School c1810

Height: 6.00cm

Item Ref. GPO


J Woodward 1829

Height: 7.50cm

Item Ref. 5764


Adam Buck c1810

Height: 7.00cm

Item Ref. 5765


Frederick Buck c1800

Height: 6.00cm

Item Ref. 5770


English Modest School c1760

Height: 3.00cm

Item Ref. 5726


Circle of Cornelius Johnson c1660

Height: 7.50cm

Item Ref. 9


Samuel Shelley c1800

Height: 6.50cm

Item Ref. 5533


Attr. Henry Burch c1790

Height: 5.75cm

Item Ref. HJ7


Frederick Buck c1806

Height: 6.50cm

Item Ref. 5737


Alexander Gallaway 1811

Height: 7.50cm

Item Ref. 5757


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Portrait Miniatures

Portrait miniatures are a delightful and collectable art form. The term miniature comes from the Latin “minium” the red lead pigment used to paint the large initial decorative letter on illuminated manuscripts. The earliest portrait miniatures are from the 16th century, the most notable early miniaturist being Nicholas Hilliard. The art form flourished from the middle of the 18th century until the advent of the camera in the mid 19th century. Early portrait miniatures were painted on vellum glued to card – usually a playing card, later we see them painted in different mediums, oil on copper, enamel and from the mid 18th century ivory. Their great charm is that they depict people as they really were, miniaturists painted what was in front of them and did not resort to flattery. Being portable they were carried around by loved ones, some being made into bracelets or chokers, or carried in little leather cases. These tiny works of art are captivating and eminently collectable, giving the collector endless pleasure.